Indigo Kantha Quilts

  • Kantha Home indigo throws are hand-stitched, indigo dyed, throws available in either deep blue or green/blue color and as a children's kantha, throw, or throw blanket.
  • Outer layers of sari material (in varying patterns) are dyed with true, natural indigo producing either a deep blue or blue/green look depending on the original color of the material.
  • Made by stitching six layers of 100% reclaimed vintage sari cloth dyed with natural indigo together to form a beautiful blanket.
  • Stitching in the Kantha tradition creates a tight throw resistant to fraying or tearing.
  • Provides at-risk women, many of whom survived sexual exploitation, honest and sustaining work.
  • Care: A gentle wash and line drying are recommended to maintain the vibrant color and texture of your indigo kantha throw.

  • Please note: the blankets pictured are not what is currently in stock. 

Deep Blue
Blue Green
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