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Couple sitting on rock wrapped in Kantha throw by Kantha Home

When I first came across Kantha throw blankets in the Summer of 2016, I was intrigued. I loved the idea of having a throw blanket that was made with recycled Saris and hand stitched together. After purchasing my first throw, I was in love. I had a unique, beautiful, and soft throw I could cuddle with on the couch. I also loved how the throw wasn’t perfect, there were patches in the holes of the Sari material, some of the stitching was a little messed up. These imperfections reminded me of how our lives can be sometimes, a little messy and broken, but when you take a step back you realize the beauty of it all. 

After researching Kantha throw blankets, I discovered that there are many different producers offering throws and blankets. However, many were selling them solely for profit. However, during my search, I found a wonderful company who was doing things differently, Basha Boutique. After learning more about Basha, I knew that I wanted to be a part of helping people know about this company and helping further Basha's mission.

In the Bengali language, basha means "house" and asha means "hope". Basha's mission is to help rescue women from the sex trade by giving women an opportunity to earn a livelihood based honest means for a fair wage. 

After receiving my first Kantha throw made by the women at Basha Boutique, I was amazed at the quality; it was far superior to other Kantha throw I had just bought. Made by hand stitching six layers of vintage Sari cloth together, it was much thicker than other Kantha’s I had felt. The imperfections that drew me to Kanthas were still there, and the overall feel of the blanket was amazing.

Very excited about my throw from Basha Boutique, began telling family and friends; none of which knew about this amazing company. I discovered there were only a few American distributors and very little knowledge about Basha Boutique or about Kantha’s in my area.

Seeing this need to bring these amazing unique, handmade throw blankets made by inspiring women, the idea of Kantha Home was born.

Founder of Kantha Home

Katie Parris, founder of Kantha Home



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