About Our Kantha Quilts

Red and Yellow Kantha throw by Kantha Home

Kantha Home offers unique Kantha quilts made from vintage Sari material hand sewn by vulnerable and at-risk women in Bangladesh. Produced by Basha Boutique, Basha gives Bengali women, many of whom survived sexual exploitation, a place to work where they can learn the ancient art of Kantha in a healthy, healing environment.


  • Hand-stitched in Bangladesh from six layers of thick reclaimed sari cloth

Kantha products go by many names. You may find them described as quilts, throws, or blankets. No matter the name, the process of hand making one of our handmade Kantha products is time-consuming. It takes on average 23 hours for a standard quilt, also known as a throw, longer for larger blankets. All six layers of thin reclaimed sari cloth are cut and matched together then sewn together to form a soft and thick, yet not too heavy, quality Kantha quilt or throw or blanket. Whatever the name, it is a handmade work of art.


  • Made by vulnerable and at-risk women in Bangladesh

In densely populated and economically underdeveloped Bangladesh, women have few opportunities to achieve success. With legal prostitution, rape, human trafficking, child marriage, homelessness, and drug abuse abound, many women fall or are forced into sex work. These vulnerable and at-risk women face a strong societal stigma that keeps them from obtaining honest work. Basha offers these women safe, healthy, honest, and sustaining work where they can support themselves and obtain a brighter future. All of our Kantha quilts are handmade at a Basha facility in Bangladesh. 


  • High-quality construction

Each of our Kantha quilts is very tight with straight and consistent stitching. Our Kantha throws and larger blankets also feature finished & clean edges with thick stitching that prevents fraying. One thing that is apparent is the color and vibrance of our Kantha products. The use of lightly used Sari fabric creates bright and vivacious Kantha quilts that pop with color and will not fade after a short time.


  • Unique designs, where no two blankets are exactly alike

Our Kantha quilts are made from reclaimed sari cloth. Each pattern is in limited supply and patterns are often stitched together forming unique designs. Children’s Kantha throws may have up to four brother/sister throws that are similar, Kantha quilts in the standard size may have one brother/sister, while all larger Kantha quilts in double blanket size are totally one of a kind.


  • Produced above fair trade standards

Our Kantha quilts are the culmination of many hours of work by the women of Basha in Bangladesh. These women use skilled labor and quality materials to make amazing Kantha products. In return, they receive a livable wage in addition to profit sharing, part-payment of medical costs, severance pay, and free childcare at Basha facilities.