Basha Boutique

All our Kantha throws and throw blankets are made exclusively at Basha Boutique. Basha creates high quality, unique, handmade products which reflect our love for the traditions of Bangladesh while employing women at risk and survivors of trafficking.

Basha provides secure employment for women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Each woman’s story varies, but for each, her circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her exploitation. Basha works with employees’ children too, ensuring the cycle of poverty and victimization is broken.

Everyone who works at Basha understands that Basha is collectively our business. Each woman’s role is essential to our success and every voice is heard. Basha hopes to inspire the women who work for them to dream new dreams and reach ever-increasing standards of excellence, and so they provide ongoing mentoring, training, education, support and encouragement to every artisan.

Basha’s vision is to continue to grow as long as there are women in Bangladesh in need of dignified work. Basha aims to connect those who buy our products with those who made them. Remembering one of Basha’s artisans, Parul, who beamed when she said, ‘My blankets have gone all over the world’.

In all Basha does, it attempts to stay true to its Christian roots. This means we believe every woman in our care was created in love and is immeasurably valuable.

Shop Kantha Home's Kantha throws and throw blankets made exclusively by Basha and support this wonderful cause.

Just like every throw and throw blanket  is unique, so is the woman who made the beautiful Kantha. Here are the stories of the brave and talented women who work at Basha to produce our beautiful Kantha throws and throw blankets.

Kantha Home Basha Artisan StoriesClick above to read more about the amazing stories of individual artisans at Basha Boutique.


Basha is committed to fair trade and its principles to enhance our own business practices, and to support the movement towards a better form of global commerce.

Basha operates with concern for employees’ social, environmental and economic wellbeing. The company pays above the local standard for similar work, and employees also receive a share in any profits. Other employee benefits include part-payment of medical costs, gratuity, and severance pay. 

Basha seeks to maintain excellent health and safety standards and practices, and to foster a positive and enjoyable working environment. Basha generally does not employ anyone under the age of eighteen. Girls between 16-18 who meet Basha’s criteria are provided employment in compliance with local labour laws, which include safe working conditions, restricted hours, and ongoing education.

Basha respects and seeks to protect our environment. Much of the materials used are re-purposed or recycled. The company sources materials locally and chooses carbon-light transportation of goods where possible.